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Retail Matrix

Retail Matrix does for the Retail Outlet what Salesmatrix does for the distribution sector. If you think that the information going into your POS system never gets used effectively - then check out what Retail Matrix can do for your outlet.

Retail Matrix is a planning, analysis and strategy tool designed to give you evidence based decision making power and thereby improve the performance of your business.

Business Intelligence for Retail outlets - Made Easy

  • Easy to follow wizards take you through loading data either manually or connect you to a live data source.

  • Test your strategies, check the profitability of your divisions, Product groups, Employees, Time of the Day/Week, and see the effect of seasonality, margins and staffing levels.

  • Review your data results in thousands of variations. Drill down to see what the results you are viewing are made up from, and report

  • Focus attention on your top performers with Real Matrix Focus.

  • Instantly identify key variations in your sales data, with Real Matrix Traffic-light analysis.

... and quickly answer the difficult questions!

  • Which of my tills are most productive?

  • What types of Products generate the best gross margin?

  • What Products are often out of stock?

  • Which times of the day have the potential to improve?

  • Where can we improve our cross-sell with Market Basket Analysis?

  • Which Product areas have the best sales revenue per square meter?

  • What times of the week are our most busiest?

  • What is our average ticket price?

For more information read our Retail Matrix White Paper or
contact us to see a live demonstration of Retail Matrix.

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