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Sales-Oriented Business Intelligence.  

Professional software  tools that analyise multiple aspects of the relationship between your company’s sales resources, customers, products and time periods to assess sales performance and plan improvements. Salesmatrix allows you to harness the power of your sales data and intelligently use it to build a more efficient, profitable and better business.

Connects to all modern accounting systems and in minutes will give you information that would hours with traditional reporting systems.

If you are a CEO or Sales Manager you owe it to yourself to use the tools that will give you competitive advantage. If you want to see it working with your data, ask us how! 

Retail Analysis

Retail Matrix is a Business Intelligence platform designed especially to assist in understanding and improving the performance of a retail or a group of retail outlets. With custom KPI values per store, Market Basket analysis, Price Point analysis, Purchase time analysis and much more, Retail Matric assists a Retail Manager fine-tune store performance and turn miles of till receipts into useful information and intelligent decisions!

Professional Practice Analysis

Business intelligence for the professional practice. Manage the relationship between your company’s staff, clients, and type of work performed to assess performance and cross-sell opportunity analysis. As with Salesmatrix, Practicematrix allows you to harness the power of your time and cost data and use it to build a more efficient, profitable and better practice.

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